Posh Pets Grooming and Spa
Posh Pets Grooming is dedicated to HUMANELY grooming pets.

    What makes our humane grooming different from the rest?


  We hand dry each animal; we never use cage dryers. 

  We use shampoos that are natural and organic.
  Our organic grooming products are never tested on animals.
  We understand that some pets have special needs; we treat each animal with respect. If an animal is arthritic, we take our time to ensure your pet is not forced to stand for long periods of time.
  We have a detailed talk with the owner before each grooming to ensure we groom your pet to your specifications. After the grooming, you receive a report card to let you know how your pet did during the grooming.
  Our groomers have lifetimes of experience working with animals. They have worked with animals in shelters including those with special needs.


Full Grooming sessions (for pets under 40 lbs) include: Bath, hand drying, nails clipped, gentle eye and ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, brushing, full hair cut of choice, and a bow or bandana.

Most grooms range from $35-$75

At this time we cannot bathe dogs over 40 lbs.

However, we can clean them with a water-free foam bath, can clip their hair or brush out, and still offer them nail clippings and teeth brushings.







































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