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Aikiou Activity Food Center
SKU/EAN 18809400 0059
Price $24.99
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Aikiou Activity Food Center




The Stimulo Activity Food Center was made for those of us whose cats maybe/might/kind of/sort of have a little teenie bit of a slight weight problem. See also: Our cats are fat. That said, there is no reason not to be proactive in getting your cats weight issues under control. Animals and humans alike have always had to hunt or gather their food in the wild. So our bodies have always associated calorie intake with at least some physical activity to burn those calories off. It’s pretty common knowledge that if you take in more calories than you burn then those calories get stored as fat which can lead to many health problems. The Activity food center not only forces your cat to work for their food but it also exercises their problem solving skills. Give your pet a chance to get back to their roots. You can check it out here

PRICING:        $24.99


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